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Travis Lehman


Travis is a lifelong Washington County native and has hunted many of the leases that Cedar Ridge Outfitters now operates. In 2012, Travis became a guide for Uhlik Hunting. Uhlik Hunting was one of the earliest guide services in Kansas to which Travis gained much of his guiding knowledge. In January of 2015, Travis and his wife Erica took over Uhlik Hunting, thus Cedar Ridge Outfitters was born.

"I am excited to get Cedar Ridge Outfitters off and running. This has been a very fast transition and we are making BIG waves in the hunting industry as one of the PREMIER Kansas Trophy Whitetail Outfitters! That does not happen by getting lucky overnight, but rather by surrounding ourselves with great people, great clients and great properties. I personally promise every person that steps into camp rather, it be for a whitetail, turkey, predator, or any other hunt we offer, that they will be on some of the best properties and a real shot opportunity at a Kansas Trophy they can be proud of."​

Located in beautiful Washington County Kansas, Cedar Ridge Outfitters is home to your next trophy whitetail hunting experience. Washington County is quickly becoming known as the “Buffalo County” of Kansas and rightfully so, with several 200” deer harvested here every year. Whether you are here to hunt Giant Kansas Trophy Whitetails, Thundering Kansas Turkey, Cackling Pheasants, Kansas Coyote, or Wing Shoot Doves, we pride ourselves on running a first class operation. With over 5,000 leased acres, we have the space and flexibility to move clients           around so you’ll never feel crowded. Our farms include hardwood river bottoms, pasture, CRP, cedar trees, crop fields, and everything to grow Kansas Trophy Whitetails. The hunting experience will be rivaled only by our Kansas  hospitality including home cooked meals in our brand new lodge. Life’s short; hunt Kansas at Cedar Ridge   Outfitters!​


Why should you hunt with Cedar Ridge? GREAT PROPERTY + GREAT GENETICS + GREAT MANAGEMENT + LOW HUNTING PRESSURE = YOUR BEST OPPORTUNITY AT A KANSAS TROPHY! We are not a hunters’ mill that treats you like a number. We are a Kansas Outfitter that prides itself with the success of our hunters. With the outdoor community being such a tight knit group, we understand the need to provide top quality hunts that produce results and not excuses. Cedar Ridge Outfitters is not a three week a year operation; we live here and are access these properties on a regular basis to increase the success of your hunt. We put in many hours of prep work to help ensure the best results year after year.


It is not a hidden gem: IT’S KANSAS! Kansas is HOME to best genetics and habitat the world has to offer. We don't grow big deer by accident, but rather by strict management. Our diverse properties include oak tree river bottoms, cedar tree filled pastures, and lush protein enriched crop fields. Kansas is an all you can eat buffet for growing MONSTER TROPHY WHITETAILS! Corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, alfalfa, wheat, and oats are mainly what our crop acres consist of, making sure our does and fawns are healthy and the bucks have plenty of protein to grow the impressive racks that Kansas trophy whitetails are known for. With great deer properties and proper management, our turkey, pheasant, predator, and other game species thrive. With over 5,000 acres of privately owned leased acres at our disposal, we have plenty of room for hunters to stretch their legs and help TAME THE UNTAMED in Kansas at Cedar Ridge Outfitters!


Is Kansas a Draw State?
Yes, in the past we have had great success drawing as long as we meet the deadline period, which usually runs the first couple weeks of April.

Is a Crossbow legal during whitetail/turkey season?
Yes. Crossbows are considered to be legal archery equipment with no need for a doctor’s note or disability.

Where is the closest airport?
Kansas City is 3 hours away, Lincoln, Nebraska is 1 1/2 hours, and Manhattan Regional Airport is 1 hour away.

Do you pick up from the airport?
We can for a fee. We encourage clients to rent a 4x4 vehicle to drive around while you are in camp with us.

Can I harvest does?
If the time of your hunt allows and you want the meat, we will take you to a farm away from the rest of the hunters and allow you to do so. This will only be allowed once you have harvested your buck.

Do you have processing facilities?
Yes. We have the capability to cut down any and all game if you so wish to do so. We also have a local butcher shop that will cut down and freeze package meat at minimal price.

What is the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Website? Here you will find any and all information for seasons, dates, deadlines etc. If you have any trouble or difficulty navigating this site or have questions contact us and we will help in any and all ways possible.

Why do you impose such a steep minimum fine?
We feel that managing our deer herd is our #1 job as stewards of the resource. We DO NOT want to have to collect this money but rather have clients harvest GIANT MATURE TROPHY WHITETAILS.

Can I kill both Turkeys on the same day?
Yes; by law you are allowed to kill both turkeys on the same day.

What happens after I kill my animal(s)?
During turkey season, we have nothing more to offer. Deer hunters are encouraged to stick around camp and enjoy some coyote, pheasant, or fall turkey hunting!

Can I visit your operation?
ABSOLUTELY! We encourage potential clients to give us a call to schedule a visit.

Can I bring my own stands?
Yes, but we DO NOT allow hunters to go rogue all over the property blowing scent and alerting deer of activity. If you want to move a stand or hang a stand, we will discuss it and make a game plan.

What happens if I wound a deer?
Each scenario has a different outcome. If we feel that it was just a misplaced, ethical shot, you get the 48 hour "penalty box." For 48 hours after blood is drawn you will be responsible for tracking and looking for your animal, sitting stands on that farm to try and see the animal and anything else we can do to recover this animal. If after 48 hours the animal is not found, you will be allowed to hunt again, but only on the farm where you wounded the deer. If we feel you made an unethical shot, or have two wounds in one week, your hunt will be considered finished.

How do we get to our stands?
We partner people up and have our hunters drive themselves to the stands each and every hunt, giving the guides an opportunity to get out and recover harvested animals, or get out and see what is going on with the animals.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. Half of the total hunt price is due upon booking to save your date. The remainder of the balance is due upon arrival.

Are your hunts fully guided or semi-guided?
Most of our hunts are semi-guided but arrangements can be made with additional costs for a personal guide.