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When you think of Monster Kansas Trophy Whitetails, you should automatically think KANSAS!!! We've said it before and we will say it again: GREAT PROPERTY + GREAT GENETICS + GREAT MANAGEMENT + LOW HUNTING PRESSURE = YOUR BEST OPPORTUNITY AT A KANSAS TROPHY WHITETAIL!!! You can expect to see every different type of terrain Kansas has to offer, from Cedar Tree pastures, hardwood river bottoms, agricultural ground, CRP, and anywhere else Giant Whitetails live. Our Rifle/ Muzzleloader hunters will hunt from the comfort of enclosed shooting boxes or pop up blinds. Archery enthusiast will be in pre-placed tree stands consisting of a 15'-20' ladder, hang on stands, or pop up blinds. If the deer are doing something differently than we had planned, we will devise a game plan to hunt the animal without his knowledge that anything has changed. In Kansas, we are allowed to bait deer and do so on a very regular basis and feel this is very beneficial to our success rate. We understand that clients save and plan this trip all year, so we treat every client with the respect we expect when we are on a trip. Plan on gaining some weight with home cooked, savory meals made at camp in our brand new lodge! We will feed a good, hearty breakfast, light sack lunches, and mouth-watering, zipper-busting suppers. The proof is in the pudding, and the percentage of return clients tells the story. Don't be left out, make Cedar Ridge Outfitters your Kansas home for Kansas Trophy Whitetail hunting!
All hunts are 100% free range with ethical and legal practices used daily. We DO NOT participate in deer drives or party hunting. We understand clients have different desires and a trophy animal varies diversely from hunter to hunter. With several things taken into consideration, we do enforce a strict 130'' minimum on all farms with a $1,000 fine for any deer not meeting this requirement. (The only exception of this rule would be a mature non-typical, management buck discussed before harvested, or a youth hunt.) This fine is not about getting rich. The fact of the matter is we don't want the money; we want the deer to get big and old and every hunter to take a mature trophy whitetail that they can be proud of!
Kansas Department of Wildlfe, Parks and Tourism

Muzzle Loader - Sept. 14 - Sept. 27, 2015 $4,000
Early Archery - Sept. 27 - Oct. 20 -- $2500 w/ $500 kill fee
Regular Archery - Oct. 21- Nov. 30, 2015 $3,500
Regular Firearm - Dec. 2 - Dec. 13, 2015 $4,000
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